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Explore some frequently asked questions that we recently received.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your website and its content to perform – or “rank” – high on Google’s search index. Proper integration of your website content will greatly improve your results, but doing too much or too little can have severely negative effects.

    SEO “dishonesty” is also an issue where certain websites get good ranking on a certain page then change the content of the pages to “pull” rank on Google. Sites that do this can be penalized by Google and even blocked completely form appearing form searches.

    Let us help you improve your SEO ranking.

  2. Social Media Marketing
    Using popular and effective social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, you can achieve more “face-time” by showing up in relevant, tailor-made ads based on what your customers like and dislike.

    Most digital marketing agencies differentiate between “social” and “mobile” marketing, but they are fundamentally the same, the exception being that mobile marketing focuses on the audience group accessing your website and social media platforms via tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.

    Let us help you improve your Social Media presence.

  3. Pay-per-click
    Classic Google Ads. These ads appear in the top of search when people search for your relative industry or services in the locations you marked.

    Get found on Google Search!
  4. Email Marketing
    This is a super effective integration especially for online store
    websites. Email marketing is more than a newsletter sent out to a list of contacts that signed up via your online subscription form.
    With the correct integration, email marketing is used to win back customers who abandon their carts online, keep existing customers in the loop with your latest progress, specials and other deals via automated reminder emails.

    Email marketing often integrates with e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify by enabling certain email automations to be triggered by certain events on your website, as well as including order-specific content in the feed so each customer gets his/her own personalized email based on what they viewed, purchased or forgot in their cart.

    Up your email game with our e-commerce integrations.

  5. Content Marketing
    Using storytelling as tool to market your services or products across your website and other social presence sites, content marketing enables you to inspire and intrigue your clients. It is also a clever way to incorporate search terms used by search engines into new website content.

    Tell your story.